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Welcome to the website for Sandia Creek Drive Property Owners!


This pristine rural area along Sandia Creek Drive, Fallbrook, is home to all kinds of
wildlife and native habitat. This road runs alongside the free flowing Sandia Creek
as it meanders toward the Santa Margarita River, which in turn flows to the
Pacific Ocean. The magnificent Rock Mountain at the southern end stands
as a sentry into this 2.2 mile stretch, signaling to travelers that they are entering
a very special place as they begin climbing upwards, along this, winding , steep, and very narrow road.

Sandia Creek Drive Property Owners live or have property on the private 2.2 mile
section of Sandia Creek Drive, bordered at the south end by the public portion of
Sandia Creek Drive and at the north end by the Riverside County Line. The
properties are within the exterior boundaries described in the SCRC 1989 Road
Maintenance Agreement (RMA) Exhibit A. There is no HOA. This RMA is the legal
document binding the owners together. Some of our residents have lived along
Sandia Creek for over 40 years, some a few months. Yet all are drawn to the area
by the same things– a love of nature at its best, open space, precious wildlife habitat, beautiful vistas and the tranquility they provide us.

Conservation in the Area

Two (2) nature conservancies, The Fallbrook Land Conservancy (FLC) and The Wildlands Conservancy (TWC) own land on this private portion of Sandia Creek Drive, lending invaluable protection and preservation for the area’s wetlands and habitat. San Diego State University also has a Field Stations Program here.

Megan Gamble - President/Acting Secretary

Alma Carpenter - Vice President

Lynette Keith - Treasurer

Roy Houck - Member

Henri Gerwig - Member


Wicker Gamble

Larry Saunders

Jack Strehle

Barbara Hall

Ron Wylie

Crystal Wylie
Debbie Amos

Franklin Sumner
Henri Gerwig

Kelley Gerwig
Andrew Dale

Fabien Tremoulet
The Porter Family

Wilson Stacks
Abby Elston

Linda Wetleson
Kurt Bantle

Mark Simpson
Lynette Keith

Rob Zeiber
Noel Granoff

Laura Abercombe
Ray Matthews

Ron Havis
John Mourer

Roy Houck

Larry Calhoon

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